Shaggy Rugs

Quality rugs are the epitome of luxury and refined taste. One of the perks after a long busy day is the chance to come home and sink your feet into a soft shaggy rug. These superior rugs are the ultimate in luxury and affordability, and are available at Flooring Depot.

Generations from the 50’s and 60’s will remember the retro ‘shaggy’, which is now proving itself to be timeless as it has made a fashionable return in various colours, sizes, threads and designs. The opulence and richness of these rugs are a decorator's dream, and they are versatile enough to embellish any home.

The shaggy rug gives a unique feel to all genres with an aesthetic appeal that can meld to any architectural design or colour code:

Contemporary décor: The shaggy rug adds a new age, funky feel to contemporary design, instantly cocooning the room in a splendour of sensual textures.

Traditional décor – The starkness of traditional décor can be easily softened with a shaggy rug, giving any room spatial fluidity while maintaining a homely feel. 

Your entire design scheme can be enhanced by choosing from our array of various colours. Bright colours like yellow will add a light and spacious appeal to your space, while bold and vibrant colours - like burnt orange and burgundy - rouse warmth and comfort. The neutrality of white is not only a soothing and tasteful alternative, but also allows you to experiment with an entire palette of secondary colours.

The image of your perfect winter night, cuddled up in front of a fire and reading a good book with your loved one will be made complete with our range of shaggy rugs. Even your animals will love the cosy feel. The shaggy rugs are easy to clean, soft to the touch and guarantee value for your money. In addition, you can also order anti-slip mats to keep your shaggy rugs from moving unnecessarily.

Royal Nomadic Cream-Dark Grey Rug
From 1,299.01 to 1,699.00 ZAR
Royal Nomadic Grey-Cream Rug
From 1,299.01 to 4,899.00 ZAR
Royal Retro Cameo Rose-Cream Rug
From 1,299.01 to 6,699.00 ZAR
Skin Beige Rug
1,499.00 1,499.00 1499.0 ZAR
Skin Grey Rug
From 1,499.00 to 7,199.00 ZAR
Skin Charcoal-Grey Rug
From 1,499.00 to 7,199.00 ZAR