Create a safe and beautiful outdoor landscape for your kids or pets with our range of artificial grass options.  No H20 required.

Our artificial grass options come in a variety of heights and fibre options for you to choose from. 

Artificial grass is low maintenance, easy to clean, saves water and is very durable. 

Flooring Depot offers artificial grass installation services or you can buy artificial grass online in South Africa.  

Lockweave Grasslands Active Green
682.81 682.81 /m² 682.81 ZAR
Lockweave Grasslands Apollo 18
287.50 287.50 /m² 287.50 ZAR
Lockweave Grasslands Admire 25
416.88 416.88 /m² 416.88 ZAR
Lockweave Grasslands Admire 35
575.00 575.00 /m² 575.00 ZAR