Laminate Flooring Accessories

We supply solutions to all your laminate flooring needs. From underlays, self-levelling screed and matching profiles to a selection of PVC and wood skirting options to complete the look of your space.

Nature's Choice Classic 90mm Skirting (2.7m)
359.98 359.98 359.98 ZAR
Polyskirt PVC Skirting (2.85m)
From 91.16 to 298.36 ZAR
Combiroll Underlay
25.00 25.00 /m² 25.00 ZAR
iTe Bondite Primer (5L)
271.06 271.06 271.06 ZAR
iTe F10 Self Levelling Screed Compound
273.22 273.22 273.22 ZAR