Quality wall-to-wall carpets brighten and insulate a room, cushion the floor, dampen sound and in addition to all the practical benefits, it is a key element for your decor and design. 

A well installed, quality carpet is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to planning and decorating a room. Once installed, they are easy to clean and don’t lift or shift on the floor, and add an instant foundation of comfort and style. But to take the pain out of the selection process, you need carpet experts with extensive options for you to consider and quality guarantees, all under one roof or on one website.

Flooring Depot has all your carpets needs covered, with the biggest online carpet catalogue in South Africa. You can search through hundreds of different wall-to-wall carpets as well as commercial carpets, with the widest variety of styles, colours, patterns and textures, but with the common thread of quality running throughout.

We offer a full carpeting service from free carpet quotations through to expert carpet installation. Buy carpets online from the comfort of your own home, or you can visit our showrooms in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or Somerset West for a fully immersive, hands-on experience of our samples. Fitting is carried out by experienced professionals and we provide quality guarantees for your peace of mind.

What’s under your feet can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, so make sure you get red carpet treatment in your own home, courtesy of the carpet specialists.

Lockweave Titan Carpet
215.00 215.00 /m² 215.00 ZAR
Lockweave Durapoint Colours Carpet
285.58 285.58 /m² 285.58 ZAR
Lockweave Durapoint 1000 Tile Carpet
291.93 291.93 /m² 291.93 ZAR
Lockweave Durapoint 1000 Carpet
234.05 234.05 /m² 234.05 ZAR
Lockweave Kingston Carpet
205.00 205.00 /m² 205.00 ZAR
Lockweave Sandringham Carpet
504.56 504.56 /m² 504.56 ZAR
Lockweave Royal Carpet
695.00 695.00 /m² 695.00 ZAR
Lockweave Vivaldi Carpet
550.07 550.07 /m² 550.07 ZAR
Lockweave Covent Garden Carpet
340.00 340.00 /m² 340.00 ZAR
Belgotex Mantra M101 Carpet
452.37 452.37 /m² 452.37 ZAR
Belgotex Mantra M201 Carpet
523.71 523.71 /m² 523.71 ZAR
Belgotex Mantra M301 Carpet
593.54 593.54 /m² 593.54 ZAR
Belgotex Influence Carpet
294.49 294.49 /m² 294.49 ZAR
Belgotex Immerse Carpet
443.26 443.26 /m² 443.25 ZAR
Belgotex Inclusive Carpet
378.26 378.26 /m² 378.26 ZAR
Belgotex Berberpoint 650 Tile Carpet
280.83 280.83 /m² 280.83 ZAR
Belgotex Berberpoint 650 Carpet
236.81 236.81 /m² 236.81 ZAR
Belgotex Berberpoint 920 Tile Carpet
329.41 329.41 /m² 329.41 ZAR
Belgotex Berberpoint 920 Carpet
283.87 283.87 /m² 283.87 ZAR
Belgotex Color Rib Carpet
147.25 147.25 /m² 147.25 ZAR
Belgotex Color Rib Tile Carpet
183.68 183.68 /m² 183.68 ZAR