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Flooring specials and stock clearance

Flooring specials and stock clearance
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leno french oak vinyl flooring
French Oak Glue Down Vinyl

Regular Price:R290.00 /

Special Price:R225.00 /

Lightly lime washed oak wood plank vinyl

Peacock - MedBrown Rug
Peacock - MedBrown Rug

Regular Price:R2,199.00

From: Special Price:R1,109.14

Feel the softest rug on the market. Endulge your senses with Peacock-like fine thread.

Benette - Grey
Benette - Grey Rug

Regular Price:R3,428.82

From: Special Price:R1,209.92

Add contrasting comfort with this cozy 100% wool quality rug.

Biarritz - Beige Waves - Rug
Biarritz - Beige Waves Rug

Regular Price:R1,699.00

From: Special Price:R1,028.34

A carved master piece this wool carpet brings depth as well as comfort to your room

Country Black - Black/Blue
Country Black - Black / Blue Rug

Regular Price:R2,699.00

From: Special Price:R967.82

Striking black rug for a contemporary look and feel

Gautham - Taupe
Gautham - Taupe Rug

Regular Price:R2,924.43

From: Special Price:R1,028.34

A stunning base 100% wool colour, inset with high-lights of taupe viscoues.

Moscow - Taupe - Rug
Moscow - Taupe Rug

Regular Price:R3,399.00

From: Special Price:R1,209.92

An embossed flower pattern that extrudes out of the rug. Giving you more dimension to this fabulous rug

Strega - Taupe/Brown - Rug
Strega - Taupe / Brown Rug

Regular Price:R1,799.00

From: Special Price:R1,088.87

Shows a lovely contrast between 2 complimentary colours.

Beige Regent rug
Regent Beige 069B Rug

Regular Price:R1,499.00

From: Special Price:R1,058.50

Beloved classic rug that works with everything

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9 Item(s)

Stock Specials and stock clearance
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