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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Installing laminate floors is an easy process that you can do yourself. It's glue free so there is no mess to worry about. In just a few simple steps, your house will look like it's had an expensive makeover.

On top of being attractive to look at and walk on, laminated floors are hard, resilient and abrasion resistant, so once they are installed, they are incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike carpets, they aren't difficult to wash and they are much warmer than ceramic tiles.With their gorgeous appearance, they can be used throughout the house even in the kitchen, where their hardiness stands up to the everyday wear and tear. The only place that laminate wood is not recommended is in the bathroom. Laminate flooring will change the way you live. Make your life smooth, simple, elegant and hassle free with very little effort. 

No, Kaindl flooring is not suitable for full-surface gluing to the base surface. Full-surface gluing will impede the natural swelling and shrinking (expansion) behaviour of the flooring. Glue can however be used when cladding stairs or walls.

Kaindl floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.  Please contact us for current information on underfloor heating options. We supply the full range of underfloor heating  from WarmUp Sustainable Heating Solutions. 

Carpets must be removed from the base surface before installing Kaindl laminate flooring. Carpets can cause excessive movement in tongue and groove sections. Subsequent material fatigue can result in a difference in height and gaps in the joint. 

Any unevenness greater than 3 mm must be ground off or filled. Contact us about suitable screed options based on your requirements. We recommend and stock ITE's range of products for surface preparation.

Wood expands and contracts based on temperature changes in the surrounding area. A 8 - 10mm gap should always be left between panels and walls or other solid elements (heating pipes, pillars). Transition, closing or end profiles should be used between individual rooms.

Expansion joints are required in rooms larger than 10 metres in the longitudinal direction of the planks and wider than 8 metres in the direction of panel width.

Flooring Depot and Kaindl are committed to find a mutually acceptable solution to any complaint. we therefore kindly ask you to check the panels for visual defects prior to installation. Used panels will not be honoured under the warranty. Contact us as soon as damage is discovered and return to Flooring Depot for processing and exchanges. If any damage occurs after installation contact us to discuss a solution/repair by our experienced fitting teams. 

Not suitable for wet-rooms/bathrooms. Avoid installing laminate flooring in any areas with high humidity or water presence.  

Please visit our cleaning and maintenance page for more information.

Laminate flooring can easily be installed yourself with a few tools and some DIY skills. View our installation video guide here

Flooring Depot stocks a wide range of laminate flooring options from Kaindl.

Robust and authentic. Kaindl laminated flooring has all the characteristics of "real" wood flooring. Floors from the "Classic Touch", "Natural Touch" or "Easy Touch" product groups offer you the same opportunity: a chance to discover extraordinary decors, palpably authentic surfaces and a wide range of decor patterns.

For more than 100 years, floor manufacturer Kaindl has demonstrated how innovative a company with so much history, knowledge and experience can be.


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