Help on Measuring my rooms for Laminate Fooring

Print the following instructions

Great, so you want to know how to measue rooms for laminate flooring.measuring
So with a measuring tape and a few simple steps you should be able to measure your floors in a few minutes.
Remember: if you would like a professional to come and measure, feel free to click on*Request a Quote or Phone US and we'll schedule a time to come and do all the work for you.

Step 1

My Measurements

List each room that will have laminate flooring. Also list any stationary or fixed objects in those rooms. eg. kitchen islands, built in cupboards. 

Step 2

Measure the full width and length of the room and multiply the result together. Write this total next to the room on your list.
Tip! Place the measuring tape at the end of the floor touching the wall and measure the full lenght of the room to the opposite wall. Try to keep the measuring tape as straight as
possible. Keep your measurements in meters. (eg. 1m = 100cm, 5.4m = 540cm)
Do the same for the stationary or fixed objects, writing the product of their lenght and width on the list as well.

Step 3

Add all the totals together for the rooms and subtract the built in stationary objects.
This will give you the total squaremeters that your require. Take this total and insert it into the Flooring Depot Floor Calculator. 

Extra Tips:

  • If your laying the floor in a irregular shaped room or a room that not rectangular, break up the room into smaller rectangles. Measure the length and width of each smaller unit and add those together to get a total for the room.
  • It maybe a good idea to sometimes add some wastage onto the total of your floor (+-10% wastage) because it is likely you will have wasted cuts and scraps.
  • Here are some examples of more complicated room measurements.
  • Measuring examples below:
    measure rectangle roommeasure L-shaped room