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True Wood flooring Specifications

Wood species

Oak (Quercus spp)
Maple (Acer spp)
Beech (Fagus sylvatica)


The Flooring Depot TrueWood collection features a number of different qualities and types. TheTrueWood Basic series has 10 mm thick floors with a 3mm top layer. These floors are available in a number of widths. Do you prefer a click profile with which the floor can be installed without gluing? The TrueWood Click floor is the right choice.

Finally, the TrueWood Budget series offers 10mm thick floors with a 3mm top layer. Lively colour variations, filled knotholes, cracks, sapwood, pinholes and other natural occurring characteristics of wood are to be expected.

Wear layer                             thickness

10 / 14 / 15 mm ( +/- 0,5 mm)
3 / 3,6 mm(+/- 0,5 mm)



1220 /1830 / 2200 mm( +/- 0,1 %)

158 / 189 / 220 / 260 mm (+/- 0,5 mm)


Engineered flooring with Tongue and Groove on all sides.

Face (treatment

Sanded, filled
Smoked or non-smoked
Hand rubbed (distressed) or hand scraped or brushed


Grade: different per floor, either nature grade or rustic grade
Finishing: Oxidation Oils Natural or coloured.

Moisture Content & Installation environment

8% (+/-2%). Suitable for normal dry indoor spaces with a constant RH of 50% (+/-10%). Ideal for installation in both commercial and domestic applications. Floating or Glue down possible. The click floors have a click profile for glue less installation. 

After installation:Maintenance and repairs

Oiled floors have been finished with oil in the factory. 
After installation of such a floor it is advisable to treat the floor with
TrueWood maintenance oil or paste.
Very Important: These hand scraped, brushed or distressed floors cannot be re-sanded. The right maintenance is important to keep the floor in a good condition and improve it over time. 


10 years

Formaldehyde emission


Thermal conductivity
Thermal insulation value

X 0,14 (W/(mk))
R = 0,11 mZ k/w

Classes of reaction to fire performance

Dfl -51

Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking

European Standard EN 14342

Brinell hardness

Oak: 3,7 FIB / Maple: 4,8 HB / Beech: 3,8 HB


Each floor is different. Ask your contact person