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Flooring Depot is proud to introduce the Leno luxury vinyl tile ranges.

Modern day vinyl tiles have changed dramatically over the course of the last few years and currently present a flooring landscape with improved advancements in style, practicality and design. Our unique design revolutionises vinyl floor tiles with a more sophisticated and authentic appeal, while maintaining affordability.
Luxury vinyl tiles have become the world’s fastest growing floor covering and are extremely popular with developers, architects, interior designers and home owners alike.
Due to its innovative design, Leno Vinyl Flooring is one of the leading brands in vinyl floor tiles and is versatile enough to be used in most commercial and residential settings - from bathrooms, sculleries and bedrooms to hallways and other high traffic areas.

Luxury Plank vinyls have all the benefits of real wood without the hassle and cost. Plank vinyls are also durable and can take what most rambunctious families throw at them. In addition to their durability and aesthetic appeal, they tend to be warmer than most floor coverings as they retain heat well - a definite benefit on those cold winter mornings. They are also quieter than laminate, real wood or floor tiles, so no more worries about the dogs’ paws in the middle of the night.

Vinyl planks are virtually waterproof and incredibly easy to install with a click-lock system, making them a very user friendly installation option. Easy to clean, with a perpetually polished surface, these vinyls make for the perfect flooring solution for offices, families and even holiday houses. Say goodbye to nasty carpet stains, foul odours and the inconvenience of carpets and enjoy modern flooring developments with Flooring Depot’s newest range.

The future of vinyl tiles looks bright with Flooring Depot, so take a look at our product list and explore the best vinyl flooring options for your home.