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True Wood Floor Guarentee

When purchasing your new True Wood engineered flooring you will recieve a Certificate of Guarentee

You are guaranteed to receive years of pleasure with this floor, if you give it the correct maintenance.

Warranty conditions:

Subject to the conditions stated below – Flooring Depot will provide a 10-year warranty on the product ‘TrueWood’.

The warranty covers any hidden fault with respect to the delaminating of the wooden top layer within the warranty period.
The warranty covers regular use in housing accommodation and projects. The warranty does not cover the use in damp and wet spaces.
The warranty constitutes a supplementation to and not an exclusion of the consumer’s statutory rights.

Warranty provisions:

The warranty is provided in case Flooring Depot will have been notified of the complaint – in writing enclosing the original invoice – within 30 days of the complaint having been established.
In case the warranty will be applicable, Flooring Depot will redeliver or compensate the faulty floor boards. In case the product in question should no longer be available, Flooring Depot will ensure replacement by an alternative product of the same quality.
The warranty provided only relates to the floor boards supplied, consequently it does not include labour costs, the costs of additional material and any other consequential loss.
The warranty is provided on the basis of the value of the product at the moment of the complaint being submitted in writing by the client. The value will be fixed subject to an annual depreciation of 10%.
The warranty period will not be affected after the complaint will have been acknowledged and resolved.
In case of a dispute arising from the ‘TrueWood’ floor warranty, either party may call upon an independent expert to render binding advice. In case this clause will be applicable, the cost shall be agreed upon in writing by parties in advance.

Warranty will not be applicable in case of:

The floor not having been fitted in accordance with the instructions.
The faults were noticeable prior to the floor being fitted.
Defects and/or faults having arisen due to dampness and/or water damage or any other causes as a result of force majeure.
Defects and/or faults having been caused by improper use or negligence and failure to use the product for its intended purpose as well as having been caused by having disregarded the instructions with respect to use and maintenance or any warning and overdue maintenance.
Optical faults having arisen as a result of any deformation of the floor boards due to changed climate conditions, in case of any variations in colour due to the influence of sunlight and the effects of regular aging and/or wear and tear of the finishing coat.
Stains or mechanical damage of the surface (scratches and dents etc.) resulting from improper treatment during transport, storage and in case of any damage caused by stiletto heels, furniture, stones, sand, pets etc.