When buying a Grandesso floor you have our stamp of approval.
Grandesso Laminate floors come with a genuine 3 phase guarentee.
30 year guarentee15 year guarentee

3 x Guarentee

For normal residential use in respect of the following:


Heres for the technical details:

30 Years: Kaindl ONE 8.0mm
25 Years: Kaindl ONE 8.0mm HDF Aquastop 6
20 Years: Kaindl ONE 8.0m'm HDF Standard
15 Years: Kaindl ONE 7.0mm

Conditions of Guarantee

Our guarantee Is valid -[or all the above Grandesso Laminate floor coverings which have been laid In rooms where they are exposed -to normal wear for their recommended End Use Category, according to EN 665, but not In the event of unusual chemical or mechanical stress.

The guarantee applies from the date of purchase onwards.
For light commercial applications, the above structural and performance warranties are available for all of the above Grandesso laminate flooring Products for 5 years from the date of purchase. The guarantee is not transferable; Its terms apply to the first buyer only.

Floor Laylng
Grandesso Laminate Flooring must be laid as described In the Grandesso Floor-Laying Guide. You will find a copy of Grandesso Floor-Laying Instructions In every package. More detailed floor laying instructions are available on request from your local Grandesso dealer.

Use of the flooring for other than the intended purpose, or failure to observe the instructions for the correct cleaning and the care of the flooring, will automatically result In a lapsing of the guarantee. On premises used for commercial purposes, doormats or other suitable shoe~cleaning facilities must be provided at every entrance. Compliance with the Cleaning and Care Instructions (copy enclosed In every package] is a precondition for claims under the guarantee.

Depreciation through normal wear is not covered by the guarantee.

Abrasion resistance
A claim under the guarantee for abrasion defects will be justified if an area of at least one square centimetre of the colour has completely rubbed off - However, rub-off defects restricted to the edges of the panels are not covered by the guarantee.

Light Fastness
Light fastness according to Blue Wool Scale, not worse than 6.
Test method according to EN 20105. With the exception of natural ageing.

Resistance to staining
In the event of contamination with the following substances;
Acetone, hand~cream, natural fruit and vegetable drinks, fats, coffee, cola-drinks, nail lacquer or similar products.

Any claim must be made In writing with all the required details completed, including the original sales invoice. The claim must be lodged within 30 days of the defect In question having become apparent. We reserve the right .to Inspect the defect ourselves, or to have It Inspected by our authorised agents, before recognising any claim.

Compensation under Guarantee
All compensation under guarantee will be strictly in proportion to the market value of the goods in question. Determination of the market is on the basis of the residential use guarantee period.

The compensation payable In the case of:
Grandesso 8.0 Aquastop 6 reduces by 1/5 each 5 years of the original value. Grandesso Standard reduces by 1/5 each 4 years of the original value. Grandesso 7.0 reduces by 1/5 each 3 years of the original value.
If the claim under guarantee Is recognised, the dealer who made the original sale will provide the customer with the necessary replacement panels free of charge. The cost of laying is to be borne by the customer; consequential losses and costs of any nature whatsoever are not covered by the guarantee.

In the event of Grandesso Laminate Flooring not being available in the required colour, a selection will be made from the product range available at that time. The guarantee is subject to the laws of Austria. The competent court in A-5020 Salzburg shall have the right of excusive jurisdiction.