Choosing the right Underlay?

Why do I need underlay?  A good quality underlay will help the floor last longer, sound better and create better insulation, it also protects the floor from moisture in the screeded floor.

Tip! Look for a underlay that is in your budget, but if you can upgrade go for the accoustilay.

See which underlay is best for you, then close this window and click "ADD" on the underlay thats right for you. We've already calculated what you need.


Combi Roll Underlay


Accoustilay 3mm

accoustilay underlay 3mm

Accoustilay 5.5mm

accoustilay underlay 5.5mm
water vapour membrane (200micron protection) yes tick  yes tick  yes tick
Cushioning layer yes tick yes tick yes tick
Impact sound Insulation yes tick yes tick yes tick
Reduce walking noise   yes tick yes tick
High Compression strength / longevity   yes tick yes tick
High Heat Insulation   yes tick yes tick
Extend Floor Life   yes tick yes tick
Flame Retardent   yes tick yes tick
Help Compensate for more uneven surfaces     yes tick
Roll / Easy install Pack Roll Easy Install packs Easy Install packs