Beeding: Finishing neatly at cupboards

Quarter round beedingWhy? Quater round is the perfect product to fit around built in cupboards, islands and low lying walls. Quater round beeding is used when a skirting either cannot fit or will look too large in the area.

Choosing the right beeding: You can either choose a white skirting to match the wall or current skirting. Otherwise you can also select a colour that matches the floor or finally choose a meranti quater round that matches your current skirting.


1) Measure the perimeter of the floor where the you are not installing profiles or skirting. Examples of these would be built in cupboards, islands, bottom of a staircase, a step up, or any area where an expantion gap needs to be covered that does not have enought height for skirting.
2) Add the totals of each room and divide that by length of the quarter round beeding. Insert this total in the amount required for that profile and click "ADD"