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Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

Advantages of bamboo flooringADVANTAGES OF BAMBOO FLOORING

  • Environmentally sustainable - Bamboo Flooring is an attractive alternative to hardwood floors, and is the product derived from the forests of a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource. Natural regeneration of the plant every 5 years versus replanting and slow growth of traditional hardwood trees.
  • Easy installation - Style Bamboo Flooring compares favourably with traditional solid select timber floors and given it is already sanded and finished with six durable UV coatings. Bamboo products are capable of being quickly installed ready for use with minimal disruption. Approved for commercial and residential installations.
  • Coupled with its price advantage, strand woven bamboo floors are creating significant interest for their aesthetics and other performance qualities over existing hard wood alternatives. In summary, bamboo flooring provides a highly competitive commercial product.
  • Very stable under both - humid and dry conditions.
  • Woodlands Bamboo Floors are abrasion resistant and have excellent horizontal surface friction (non-slip).
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring is allergy free.
  • Bamboo floorboards are sealed with non-toxic glues and are finished with aluminium oxide. 
  • All Woodlands Bamboo Flooring products have natural colours and are consistent through to the core.
  • Bamboo Floors have high UV resistance, blocking the sun's harmful rays and protecting the floor pattern from fading over time.
  • Excellent warranty protection. The manufacturer warrants Woodlands Bamboo Flooring in the original manufactured state free from structural defects (Structural Warranty) for 20 years in residential applications and 10 years for commercial uses. The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser that the wear layer (Coating Warranty) of aluminium oxide will not peel or separate from the flooring plank in residential applications for 10 years and 5 for commercial uses.
  • Easy repairs, since damaged bamboo floorboards can be replaced without contrasting with the pattern of surrounding boards.
  • Easy cleaning, since bamboo flooring doesn't trap dirt, most spills can be cleaned up with a mop or sponge.
  • Very low emissions through waste and pollution; the result is a very environmentally friendly product.
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring technology is termites, fire, sunlight, chemical stains, scuffing and indentation resistant.
  • Finally, the natural beauty and durability of bamboo flooring far surpasses traditional hardwood floors.